Excellent cutting and styling at an excellent price is what makes this service popular and that’s why it has such a large and loyal client base.

Don’t expect to be rushed through because Angela is a careful cutter. Do expect that you’ll be happy with the job and want to come back next time.


Services   For Him   For Her
Haircuts from $20 $25
Colour from $40 $50
Highlights from $35 $35
Perm from $45 $45
Ceramic Perm from $150 $150
Japanese Permanent Straightening $160 $160
Toning from $30 $30

For a breakdown of available Beauty Therapies please read on!


There are secrets to good waxing. Quite apart from a good therapist, you need the right skin preparation, the right wax for the particular job and the right aftercare for the area.

If you get it right there is little pain, no skin irritation and a perfect job. Angelas gets it right.


Service   For Him   For Her
Eyebrow Shaping $12 $12
Chin starts at $10 $10
Upper Lip starts at $10 $10
Full Face $28 $28
Chest or Back $poa $30
Underarms $18 $18
Full Arms $26 $26
Bikini from n/a $25
Full Legs $65 $45
Half Legs $35 $24
Brazilian (First Visit) $n/a $50
Brazilian (Follow ups) $n/a $40

Angela uses top quality foundations, colours and top coats for Gel and Acrylics to ensure an ultra long lasting and scratch free product.

People look at a great nail. Great nails make you feel good and show off the rest of your stuff, they’re like that piece of art or fancy thing that sets off the rest of your house so bang for buck they’re the best investment you can make for a beautiful person in a beautiful world.


Service   For Him   For Her
Full set of Acrylic Nails $60 $60
Gel Nails $45 $45
Removal with Manicure $40 $40
Manicure $25 $25
Spa Pedicure $35 $35
Manicure and Pedicure Combo $50 $50
Acrylic Backfill $40 $40

Eyes are the window to the soul, so we need to pay attention to the frame.

We’ve paid a lot of attention to the right wax and the best tints to give you great eyebrows and lashes. The feedback is that we’ve got it right.

Beautiful big blue eyes

Service   For Him   For Her
Eyebrow Shaping $12 $12
Eyebrow Tinting $12 $12
Eyelash Tinting $18 $18
Eye Tinting Combo $40 $40

One of Angela’s signature services is the Facial. One and up to two hours of pampering and skin rejuvenation which includes cleaning, exfoliating, mask, steaming and re-moisturising your skin with the products that work best for you. No two faces are the same! so the prices below are indicative. The right treatments and products will be discussed at the time.

You won’t fall asleep during a Chinese massage! Involving accupressure – a deep knowledge of manipulation of particular points on your body that bring about a desired result – it can be quite active, but you will walk away with a better body. We also offer oil massage for relaxation. Other treatments such as cupping are available on request.

professional masseur doing massage of female back

Service   For Him   For Her
Full hour cleansing and nourishing Facial N/A $70
Full hour cleansing with care over specific issues N/A $90
90 minute Facial with intensive skin treatment N/A $120
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage $20 $20
Head, Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage $40 $40
Back and Leg Massage N/A $32
Foot Massage $28 $28
30 minute Oil Massage N/A $36
60 minute Oil Massage N/A $70