CEO. Professional Hairstylist and Beautician
Angela is an experienced hairdresser and beauty therapist. During her 10 years of hairdressing and beauty therapy in China she became known for the care and comfort of her clients.

On coming to Tauranga in 2012 she worked as a beauty therapist at Bayfair before starting her own shop at 509 Otumoetai Road.

She is married to Peter (a kiwi) and has a son called Gerry.

Angela’s Chinese name is Yang DeJuan and she grew up in the mountains of Heilongjiang in China, where she had to carry a flaming torch outside at night to keep the wolves at bay.

She tells me that if I meet a bear, I should run around it several times before I flee so that it gets confused and won’t chase me. I pass this on in case you ever need it.

She’s an excellent cook.

Age: 40

Zodiac Sign: Ox

Education: Diploma in Hairdressing, Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Certificate in Chinese (accupressure) Massage.



Peter does the books and takes the sign out in the morning.